Some of the main tasks I work through with clients include:
  • Setting up and optimising a Facebook business page, developing a posting and content strategy and advising on scheduling, posting frequency and how to get your followers to participate in the page
  • Training on how to use Twitter effectively to build relationships and promote your online presence
  • Using a blog to drive search traffic, interact with clients, answer questions and create an online profile
  • Optimising existing blogs, talking about categories, content hubs, comment policies and writing style or "voice"
  • Using LinkedIn to expand professional networks and generate leads for more work
  • Looking at other social media tools like Instagram and Pinterest to integrate into an overall social media strategy
  • Setting up and managing newsletters using MailChimp and figuring out a content strategy to make the newsletters useful and readable

I work mainly with small business and solo entrepreneurs and count interior designers, physiotherapists, artists, lawyers, photographers, bloggers and even earthmoving contractors among my clients.

I'm available for consulting work either face-to-face or remotely (online) - most of my clients prefer a combination of the two. If you need assistance with practically any aspect of blogging or social media, I can help you.

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