About the business

Amanda Kendle Consulting is a small consultancy based in Perth, which provides a range of social media and blogging consulting and training services across a broad range of industries.

About Amanda

My online life started out during the years that I taught English in Japan and Europe and started writing travel articles for some online magazines. It wasn't long before an editor told me about a regular job going on a travel blog, and even though I didn't really know what a blog was, I jumped at the chance of getting a monthly cheque for my writing.

From there, the online world really opened up to me. My travel blog Not A Ballerina was born to bring together my writing and travel thoughts in one place, and I also had several regular blogging jobs. Some of the websites I worked for provided training in using social media to promote our work - introducing me to Facebook and Twitter, among others.

When my son was born in 2010 in Perth, Western Australia, I left English teaching completely to focus on work I could do largely from home, and my blogging and social media consultancy was born too. I'm a regular course presenter for the University of Western Australia's Extension programme, teaching courses on blogging, social media and online promotion. Public speaking has given me another interesting avenue to follow, with regular presentations on aspects of blogging and social media at conferences, libraries and schools. My consulting work has enabled me to join forces with some fascinating clients, from personal bloggers through to government departments, small business to creative professionals. I'm definitely one of those lucky people who truly loves their job.

In those rare free moments when I'm not working, blogging, tweeting or playing trains, I am a passionate reader of modern Australian literature, harbour a not-so-secret desire to become a published novelist, and love to eat chocolate.
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