Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Introducing #bizgram - because using Instagram for your business images is more fun in a crowd

You may have noticed I've developed something of a keen interest in Instagram of late (some may name it an addiction), partly because it's fun, partly because it's easy to fit into the very few spare moments I have, and partly because I have realised I can also use it for my business. That last one's the key because I'd like to help even more people use a tool like Instagram to help their business, and that's where my shiny new idea for #bizgram comes in.

#bizgram posts in my Facebook album

Instagram (check my previous post to find out all about Instagram if you need) is not a place for businessy interactions - it's social but casual, a place where blatant self-promotion is severely frowned upon. (And I do hope it remains that way.) Of course, you will meet people and it's great for networking with like-minded souls and that can't be a bad thing. But the reason I'm using Instagram more and more in my business is that it's such a fabulous way to produce original images that I can use in my social media pages, be it Facebook or Twitter or whichever platform takes your fancy.

Why I like using Instagram images for my business:
  1. I can take pictures pretty much whenever and wherever, just by whipping out my smartphone, and Instagram filters make them that much prettier with just a couple of taps.
  2. Because I can take pictures whenever and wherever, they can be an interesting and relevant reflection of what I do everyday in my business.
  3. Sharing images related to my business helps explain the work I do, shows people (clients and prospective clients) more of both my business and my personality, and helps me (hopefully) be "likeable"!
  4. I suddenly have a good source of images I can post to my Facebook page or share on Twitter and they're original, all mine, and people love them.
  5. Oh, and it's fun.
Now, there are lots of groups of people taking daily photos and sharing them on Instagram, like the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day challenge I've been playing along with (and loving) recently, or any number when you google something like "Instagram daily photo". They give you prompts to inspire the kinds of photos you might take that day and provide a community to share them with using hashtags. But I can't find one that helps business people to take photos they might use in their business, and that's why I'm starting up #bizgram.

When #bizgram starts on September 2, I'll be posting a list of ideas for the month that will inspire a photo most weekdays (not weekends, of course, because business people can rest!, plus we'll have a few RDOs - we're just going to work for four weeks each month!). You can take a photo for each prompt or just when you feel like it, post it on Instagram and tag it with #bizgram, and we'll all be able to see the photos - plus you can share it with your business community on Facebook, tweet it, or save it and use it in blog posts or on your website, too. It's going to be fun, inspiring, useful and good for business. Check back here or sign up to my reminder email and please join me in Instagramming our business lives with #bizgram.


  1. I finally gave in and did a Blog Instagram. As most of you know I have "Insta-Maj" but never had the link. That is because it was my Personal IG. Now I have one totally Fashion and Lifestyle related . I hope you follow and maybe it can make up for the lack of consistent posting.


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