Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Using Pinterest for my office revamp inspiration

One of the things I want to organise early in 2013 is a tidy, organised office. I already have an office at home; it's the tidy and organised bit that's quite lacking. Part of this arises from the fact that when I set up my office it wasn't an office, but just a study, a place to house my large collection of books and a desk for my computer so I could write and blog. Since then, it's morphed into a proper home office and with that has come a need for something more than a relatively small desk and a wall of book shelves, because as much as I try to avoid it, along with a home office comes a collection of paperwork, books, business cards, training notes and resources and all kinds of other stuff that needs to have a good home.

I have a filing cabinet full of non-work related stuff in another room of the house; I didn't feel like a just a boring old filing cabinet was what I needed to solve this problem. So I did what any other self-respecting social media junkie does when in need of inspiration: I turned to Pinterest.

If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, then I have one word of advice: don't! Of all the different social media I think Pinterest is the one that is the most addictive and potentially time-wasting. But that's because it's SO MUCH FUN! So I won't be at all offended if you ignore my advice.

Random Pinterest goodies
In a nutshell, Pinterest is a virtual pin-up board where you can "pin" websites, blog posts, images, whatever, into different pin-up boards (in other words, into different categories), and you can look at what other people have been "pinning" and "re-pin" their best bits to your own boards.

For my home office revamp project, I set up a pin-up board on my Amanda Kendle Consulting Pinterest profile called "Home Office Ideas". I then had a very legitimate reason to do some fun searches on Pinterest looking for inspiration for how to redesign my office to be both practical and beautiful. Now, I must admit that the implementation of this is a long way away, but the dreaming and collecting of ideas on Pinterest has certainly made headway!

Home office inspiration on Pinterest

While I was searching, some of the Pinterest posts reminded me that my home office could be a place for my son to "work" - in the sense of "play quietly" from time to time, and perhaps more and more as he gets older; as I'm always teaching in my social media for parents courses, no child should have a computer in their bedroom so perhaps (looking ahead a few years) my office could also be his, and he could use a computer while I'm at work here (ask me in five years if this turned out to be a good idea or a stupid one). This idea led me down a whole lot of new pathways for gorgeous ideas to pin.

And so it goes on. Of course, I now need another spare couple of hours to have a proper look at all this and figure out the best way to re-do my office, but as far as getting lots of ideas from the comfort of my computer go - Pinterest can't be beaten.


  1. Haven't tried Pinterest yet, want to, don't know where to begin. It does look like it would consume and swallow me up to. xx Rae

    1. I think you'd love it Rae - but yes the consuming you and swallowing you up thing is a real risk!!

  2. I think I want to get swallowed up by Pinterest, I must take a look!!

    1. Highly recommended Sherrie, if you're going to be swallowed up it might as well be by something fun and beautiful like Pinterest!!


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