Monday, November 26, 2012

Kitchen Table Social Media workshops: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and chocolate cake?

It all started with a sudden urge to bake more chocolate cake.

Okay, that's not quite true. My Kitchen Table Social Media Workshops started when some of my previous blogging and social media students and clients started asking me if I did workshops on topic X or subject Y; and in particular when Jenny from A Taste of Travel sent me a wish list of courses she'd like me to run!

I had a think about my favourite way to run workshops and realised that I do love small, hands-on events, and even more than that I like a pause for cake where everyone can relax and chat! I wanted to run a series of workshops on quite specific topics that were both affordable and fun, but still financially worthwhile for me (although not so healthy ... I seem to be eating a lot more cake these days).

My very first Kitchen Table workshop was on Social Media Strategising and Scheduling - held with three very lovely Western Australian travel bloggers. I could tell you all about it but one of them, Jo from Zigazag, has written up a fantastic post about the workshop so hop over to "5 Tips for Social Media Strategising" and take a look (go on, I'll wait for you!).

Thanks to Jo/Zigazag for the pic!
Just as I'd hoped, the four of us could fit comfortably around (literally) my kitchen table, we could all hook up our laptops to the WiFi and we even managed to get through all of the workshop content I'd devised despite having three somewhat talkative women as my participants! And nobody complained that the chocolate cake was terrible.

Since then, my Kitchen Table has hosted a couple more workshops and has two more coming up for the year, a sold out one (Writing Better Blog Posts - probably my favourite because at heart, above everything else, I'm a writer) and one with two places remaining: LinkedIn for Bloggers and Small Business - I'll add the description below for a bit of marketing! High on my to-do list now is to plot out the workshops I'll be offering during 2013; I have several more topics that have already been requested and, just like a friendly radio DJ, I'm still taking requests - leave a note in the comments if there's a topic you want to learn about. In the meantime, I'm off to defrost the last piece of chocolate cake for my afternoon tea.

LinkedIn for Bloggers and Small Business
13th December 2012, 9.30am-12 noon - TWO PLACES AVAILABLE
LinkedIn used to just be for recruiters and job-hunters. The game has changed!
This 2.5 hour workshop will cover:
  • Optimising your LinkedIn profile
  • Strategies for connecting with others
  • Content to share on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn company pages – setting up if needed
  • Developing a schedule and strategy for your LinkedIn interaction
You’ll leave with the best possible LinkedIn profile and a list of actions and goals to continue to utilise LinkedIn in the future. You may also have a belly full of chocolate cake.
Maximum of 3 participants.
Cost: $100pp, payable in advance to secure your place
You’ll get the most out of this course if you’re able to bring a laptop with you, plus your LinkedIn username and passwords – if you don’t have an account, set up the bare basics before you come. WiFi is available.


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